• Teak Wood + Embossed Brass
  • D 15” x H 23”
  • 4 kgs
  • Matt Natural + Semi Gloss
  • Limited Edition of 24 pieces

The Tekku series is a collection of beautifully handcrafted accent stools that features two unique, complementing designs.

The Tekku Brass Stool hosts a simple patterned, hand-embossed brass plate that dresses the top of each stool, crafted using a traditional Indian sheet metal technique. Paired with its counterpart, the Tekku Wood, these minimalist pieces will offer an aesthetic that is understatedly luxurious and a feeling of warmth and charm.

With an interplay of linear and radial patterns that contrast and harmonise different textural and visual elements the result is a curvilinear balance that is aesthetically pleasing yet functional. Employing a natural palette of wood and brass, the structure has been designed to remain simple and straightforward, leading the focus to the decorative treatment of the seats.

The brass has been polished to provide a subtle lustre that enhances the warmth of the wood.

Our Approach

The product borrows its name from the etymological Tamil term for Teak- Tekku. This series has been entirely hand crafted by two different master craftsmen, integrating three distinct craft techniques. Our approach to the materials and forms were artisanal with the design referenced by the pattern of tree rings, the imperfection of time borne fissures and the transcendental concept of time and age.

Celebrating the amalgamation of nature and design, an age-old point of inspiration, the design embodies our philosophy of simplicity, natural materials and an emphasised focus on traditional crafting methods.

Tarkashi or metal inlay is a sophisticated and intricate decorative craft technique of India that is a few centuries old. Keeping the embellishment to a minimum we’ve balanced these details with the beautiful, undulating embossed brass seats complemented by the simplicity of the rounded legs.

Teak wood will darken with age and combined with the glorious gold of the brass these accent pieces will enhance any living space.


  • A Short Film

  • Video Credits: Pavithra Udupa