About Us

Ira Studio handcrafts exclusive interior products using traditional Indian craft practices that are otherwise considered anachronistic. Collaborating directly with master craftsmen, we use skills and techniques that have been mastered over generations to subtly synthesise the timeless elegance of these aesthetics with contemporary design sensibilities. Inspired by the striking variability of handmade objects, this value has been extended to our product collection, creating every Ira piece as a unique single piece or limited edition.

Our Design Values

The core of our philosophy is beautiful, functional design. Our products echo the honest quality of handmade processes. We embrace the unintentional purity and restrained quality of imperfections that are borne out of the maker’s marks, which are inherent attributes of handmade products- idiosyncrasies unique to each piece. Our designs are infused with a sense of simplicity and carefully considered details, its aesthetic derived from the culture in which it is rooted. Designed to remain timeless, ageing gracefully to develop its own unique aesthetic, each Ira piece becomes more striking with time.

Our Manufacturing Values

Ira values the immense amount of work that goes into making anything by hand, and recognises this effort in the product created by the artisans. Ensuring that a balance is maintained between tradition and modernity, artisans and designers work together as a team deriving inputs from both sides to create a product that celebrates the marriage of cultures. Intent on preserving and sustaining these craft practices, Ira celebrates artistic intelligence and emphasises artisans as creative individuals rather than skilled labourers. We believe in not only supporting skilled craftsmen but also in fostering local industries by sourcing our materials locally. As the materials and their distinctive textures influence us largely, a great amount of attention is supplied to the quality and the region it is sourced from.

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