Ira Studio’s latest release, the Oxidised Brass Dokra Lights, is a series of six brass lights handcrafted using a traditional Indian craft process of casting that is unique to the Bastar region of Chattisgarh in India. Hand cast using the age old technique of lost wax process, the moulds have been laboriously constructed by hand out of individual strings of beeswax. The resulting marks and imperfections have been retained to celebrate the modest handmade process, lending a character that is beautifully unique to each individual piece. The exterior of these lights are given an antique, rustic black and gold oxidised finish while the black patina for the interior provides a subdued and soft, delicate ambience.

Our Approach

The fifth product from Ira Studio is the result of a new collaboration with tribal craftsmen from Chattisgarh, India.

Dhokra is a time and labour bound, beautiful Indian craft technique of casting, its history dating back 5000 years to the Indus Valley Civilization. The technique employed is indigenous to the Dhokra tribe in India where the mould for every piece including all decorative and folk elements is painstakingly made up of threads of beeswax and cast in brass after various other elaborate stages of the process.

Ira Studio has retained the primitive nature of the craft aligning its simple technique and method of construction to create these contemporary series. It is in keeping with our aesthetics and philosophy of simplicity with an honest approach to craft. Conscious of keeping the products raw and rustic by distilling all traditional decorative elements, the technique of its construction becomes the textural visual element.

Use as an individual piece, a pair or bunch them together in varying heights, the Oxidised Brass Dokra Lights will accentuate your space with a sense of rustic charm and restrained appearance.