008- ‘If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fine off-screen literature



Against a backdrop of a listicle based journalistic trend, we look at a few off-screen magazines that move away from mainstream journalism to offer detailed expositions on intelligent living. With a less is more approach, these magazines are purveyors of niche topics thoughtfully curated with a quiet but bold artistic direction that have inspired a new reductive aesthetic.

Cereal Magazine  with its unique brand of minimalism, offers curated content on travel and lifestyle. The quarterly has become somewhat of a cult with its followers for its quality journalism and enrapturing photography. In contrast to a sterilised minimalism, its artistic direction lends its sparse aesthetic an air of poetic romanticism. We’d say it’s a bit of a photo book and lifestyle magazine rolled into one.

Interviews and conversations with inspiring women, reflections on timeless women’s style and observations in the written word are all part of the well- considered content offered in The Gentlewoman. Primarily a women’s magazine, The Gentlewoman  is a sister publication of The Fantastic Manwhich is equally confident in its content and an excellent read.

An antidote to typical travel magazines that cater mainly to big names in the travel industry, The Travel Almanac presents a fresh view on travelling seen through the perspective of creative personalities profiled in its issues.

Each one of these sophisticated magazines gives the same, meticulous attention to details such as photography, paper stock and layout with ample negative spaces as much as they do to their content. Designed for discerning readers, they epitomise a new kind of luxury, one that is sparing in design, detailed in content and meant for slow reading and re-reading.


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