004- ‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.’ – Coco Chanel

Brand: Raw Mango
Place: India

The sari has always been the sartorial glory of India. These six yards of fabric with irresistible rhythm embodies elegance when draped. If anything is truly timeless and eschews the ever changing styles of the fashion world, it is the Indian sari.

Discover Raw Mango. A niche brand the hand-weaves their textiles to create the most beautiful saris and stoles. Powerful colours coupled with subtle designs borrowed from traditional Indian aesthetics, Raw Mango’s saris re-define luxury as something that is understated and classy.

There is a renewed passion for traditions resulting in resurrecting its artistic and aesthetical heritage. Raw Mango fosters skilled, traditional Indian weavers and craftsmen to create fabrics that fit into contemporary lifestyle.

There is a sense of heritage in something that also remains completely of the here and now. The textiles are effortlessly beautiful, uniquely feminine and utterly desirable. We’ve been admiring their saris for some time now, and if you are in New Delhi, book an appointment and visit their store for some weaved magic.

The images have been kindly provided by Raw Mango
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